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Lost and recovered action cameras from "Grand Canyon" quarry

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  • Lost and recovered action cameras from "Grand Canyon" quarry

    In Chiang Mai Thailand, there is a massive place that seems to be a water quarry, calle "Grand Canyon." There is a split in the middle, and the water park to the "left" has inflated bounce contraptions, water skiing and other stuff to modern mess with. The water area (but not really a park) to the "right" is where I went and this place has lots of space to swim, a modified cliff to jump from and rusty looking wall to climb up. I talked to a restaurant worker and he said that occasionally a scuba diver fit with full on gear dives down to 45 meters (147 feet) and finds various stuff, mostly sunglasses, action cameras and action-cam accessories. Check out the photo and videos. hehe

    link -

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    The black cam in the center is iSaw Extreme (Ambarella A7 + Sony IMX117).
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