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  • Simple and cheap cam options

    Hi there,

    I've been searching around the forum for a while now, but can't seem to find a solution to what I thought was a simple problem. I need some simple 1080p cams with a clean feed hdmi out (no OSD info overlay) and a 170 degree FOV that I can use to send realtime video to a parents' viewing room at our kids gymnastics club. We will be running the signal over 50-60m to the viewing room via an HDMI over cat6 transmitter. We do not need recording or any other special functions. Just plain live clean feed going to a single HDMI TV screen per camera.

    We have some eken H9 type units, but we have not been able to remove the OSD off the Feed.

    Any thoughts on options?


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    Xiaomi Yi, GitUp Git1 and I think some dashcam models could also match your needs and budget.
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      Thanks nutsey we found a good deal on the Git1 in the range we were hoping for. I'm not sure it is genuine though. Anything I should look out for when it arrives in case it is not?



      • nutsey
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        I never heard about fake GitUp cams, so it is Git1 if it looks like Git1.

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      Check for dashcams that can switch off OSD n site