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LeadEdge LE7000 Mstar MSC8328P EIS Budget Action Camera

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  • LeadEdge LE7000 Mstar MSC8328P EIS Budget Action Camera

    Purchased from Aliexpress, but without a remote or microphone - or || and get a mic here -

    Supports EIS (stabilization), wireless remote controller, external microphone (with 2.5mm plug) and some options in firmware for tuning sharpness, saturation, contrast and more.

    Also known as the: MUSON Pro 3, iMars M80 Pro, Daping M80, COOAU 4k, HyphenX M80, RICH Mstar N800-R, ... (etc, etc).

    Settings for video samples were: Exposure 0, WB Auto, Contrast -10, Saturation +10, Sharpness +30, EIS OFF or ON depending on sample file.

    Video samples - || Photo samples - || firmware info, bit rates and other data -

    more photos of the camera -

    Playlist of test clips on youtube -

    Frame resolution, repeating frames, frame patterns. Each capital letter represents an original/unique frame. * EIS OFF for the modes shown below.

    4k30, 3840x2160, A B B C C A B B C C -- this looks like a jerky picture slideshow. ugh awful.
    4kEIS, 3200x1800, A B C D D A B C D D
    2.7kEIS, 2688x1520, all frames are unique. this 2.7k EIS mode is good overall.
    1080/60EIS, 1080x1920, A B C D E E A B C D E E
    1080/30EIS, 1080x1920, all frame are unique
    720/120EIS, 1280x720, A B C C A B C C

    When connected to computer in PC cam (webcam) mode, I can use 2176x1224 resolution and lower resolutions. 1080p and 720p res' are good. But this happens (click here) when I use 1224p.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	HTB1YV8dX5HrK1Rjy0Flq6AsaFXaL.jpg Views:	1 Size:	54.6 KB ID:	13044Click image for larger version  Name:	HTB1CBRbX.LrK1Rjy1zbq6AenFXaE.jpg Views:	1 Size:	32.3 KB ID:	13045
    Click image for larger version  Name:	HTB1GOYCd25TBuNjSspcq6znGFXaU.jpg Views:	1 Size:	61.6 KB ID:	13049Click image for larger version  Name:	HTB1BSzvd9CWBuNjy0Fhq6z6EVXaT.jpg Views:	1 Size:	57.5 KB ID:	13050 Click image for larger version  Name:	PIwGKh4CKh8B6EhgbKRYt857_DHG5euE3PhPrz1fLWWfu0KLGW2unXZE2NIuW_PSXpS1vAqXLZKjJaT7kKgOJsmklssYCVHnvTTgyRITFwe0suDhGYSaG2Tw2W73KF9ST1llPzGI9BHA5kKUAEbrN-I16pKa473-DNygaLn_Fs6SGT7IqU7Vv4cO02Uf3-96jJdzd4g4hZqdzltX0adL1eUpSQz4PEVzL0mtMaz7rdOT4stSYMm5K_XUhpqqy5x Views:	30 Size:	105.6 KB ID:	13051

    Also see this thread -
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    Interestingly the seller on AliExpress lists this version with an Omnivision sensor instead of Sony like the one I got... I wonder if that's really the case. Can't wait to see more samples!


    • petesimon
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      what's the sensor in the LE7000?

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    petesimon Could you please add 4k25/4k30 samples?

    BTW my cam has 4k30 mode instead of 4k25, it also has pretty useless '20M' option in photo resolution menu. Two things are missing in mine compared to yours: WiFi CARCAM (I use long press of the 'M' button) and Remote.

    Have you noticed each 5th frame in your 1080p60 vids is doubled?
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    What's your FW version? Here's mine:


    Mine was listed as IMX179 on the sale sheet. I saw the Leadedge LE7000 is listed as Omnivision on AliExpress, not Sony... But it did not specify which Omnivision, so that may be a mistake.

    My camera exhibits frame doubling in all resolutions (I don't have 4K 24 option).

    Hmm, now I wonder if the 4K 30 option is actually 4K 24, and the 4K EIS is supposed to be 4K 30. We'll have to see what happens when I turn EIS off using the 4K 30 EIS option...
    • 720p 120, every 3rd frame is doubled A B CC A B CC
    • 1080p 60 every 2nd frame is doubled AA BB AA BB AA BB
    • 4K EIS (3200 x 1800) every 2nd frame is doubled AA BB AA BB AA BB
    • 4K no EIS (3840 x 2160) every 2nd then 3rd frame is double A BB C D EE A BB C D EE
    • 2.7K 30 and 1080p 30 are visually the same resolution but do not double frames.
    What a mess.
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    • petesimon
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      your cam FW is same as my RICH N800R FW except the date is a bit different - see here -

      *Edit* - frame drops / frame doubling in my RICH N800R is same as Dreki described above. Also, the image is too zoomed and cropped, the image quality and colors are poor in all resolutions modes (tested in WB: Auto). The EIS ON causes too blurry or "jello" image too. However, the Leadedge LE7000 uses a different firmware version and the image quality/colors/EIS are alright and satisfactory.
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    • nutsey
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      Are there any frame drops with this white cam?

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    Hello,anyone know where I can find the firmware for le7000? my cam have low level audio and bad video at all resolutionšŸ¤”