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Andoer AN100, MSTAR, Sony IMX326, Gyro, G-sensor, FPV USB AV out

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  • Andoer AN100, MSTAR, Sony IMX326, Gyro, G-sensor, FPV USB AV out

    I got my Andoer AN100 Mstar Soc, IMX326 sensor action camera in the mail a few days ago from Tomtop...after waiting about 4 weeks. Links: tomtop / amazon US / ebay US

    The cam has many video resolution modes, but many modes have too low bitrate and thus very poor video quality. 1080p 60fps seems to have a fixed framerate of real 60fps as shown in my video samples, which I like. Of course the "4k" modes are poor and a waste of space and footage. "Slow-motion" option in the menu does not work when any 720p resolution mode is selected, but 1080p 120fps resolution mode for Slow Motion works fine....and I have not tested other resolution modes for slow motion. Still photos are up to 30 MP but the sensor is only about 6 MP. The "good" features are the nice settings menu and video/photo browser screens, and the many options for image attributes such as color type, saturation, gamma, sharpness, EV, etc.

    Settings menu is accessed by pressing DOWN ↓ buttton for 3 seconds. So choose Video record mode by pressing power/mode button once, go to "Video" and press shutter button, and then press DOWN ↓ for 3 seconds to change video settings. A similar procedure is for Photo capture mode, but you must choose "Still" the mode menu (power/mode button).

    Here is a screencap of all bitrates for all video modes. *Note that the last video file 093400F.MOV is slow motion in 1080p 120fps mode. I could estimate that 720p 60fps, and 1080p 30fps, and 1080p 60fps, and the 2.3k 30fps / 2.5k 30fps modes make the best possible video quality when "Movie Quality > Super Fine" (high bitrate) option is chosen. A Class 10 U1 sd card is sufficient for this camera. Notice that GYRO (EIS) is very weak, and I can barely see a difference between Gyro OFF and Gyro ON in popular modes such as 1080p 60fps. Other cameras have better Gyro or Anti-Shake. For example, tte Firefly 7s camera with stock Hawkerey firmware is noticeably better, and ACRobin Zed2 or MODx firmware could be loaded into the Firefly 7s and the Gyro will be stronger (more aggressive).

    Screencap photo link -

    Unprocessed video samples - |and|

    The custom settings in the cam for most of these video samples are as follows:
    Movie Quality: Super Fine
    Contrast: -10 (but some samples were 0)
    Saturation: + 30
    Sharpness: + 10
    Exposure Metering: Center Spot
    Gyro: ON
    ( other settings were Normal / Auto / or 0 )

    The video files can be stream converted and stream cut in AVIDEMUX software but MP4 will not accept ADPCM audio, so you may need to select an audio encoder/compressor in AVIDEMUX when saving MP4 or MKV or other files.

    Photo quality in "Still" photo capture mode is poor. Here is a 30MP photo sample -- yeah what a big silly waste of space. But maybe 3 MP or 5 MP look okay.
    A photo can also be captured when in "Video" record mode by pressing the DOWN ↓ button for 1 second. This photo resolution will be the same as the currently selected video resolution mode.

    Audio quality is okay but could be better. The microphone seems to be too "loud" even when the Mic sensitivity setting in the config menu is Low. The audio format is ADPCM, 256 kbps bitrate, and 32 kHz sample rate. I read that ADPCM is lower quality (worse sound) than regular PCM audio. But I think using compressed AAC at 96 kbps bitrate or higher, and 44.1 kHz sample rate would produce much better audio. Some video modes produce a ringing / hissing sound noise more or less than other modes. If I remember correctly, all of the 720p modes and the "2.7k" 2560x1440p mode produce a high pitch chirp chirp sound noise. I suppose this could be isolated and filtered out using a decent video editor and/or audio editor. I like Cyberlink Powerdirector 15, but free Shotcut 17.xx (or higher version) may also work.

    The Wifi app is simply called "ActionCamera" - download apk for Android -
    The "QR Code" option in the settings menu led me to a simple website that had download links for the wifi app. ( I don't have an iPhone. ) Wifi can be activated / deactived by pressing the shutter button for 3 seconds. The default ID is "Action_camera" and default password is 1234567890 , but don't try to connect to my camera haha I have not yet tried to connect the computer directly to the cam via Wifi.

    The webcam function automagically works in my Windows 10 (RS3, 1709) by selecting "Pcam" when you connect the camera to USB computer.

    The "FPV" AV out mode can be activated by choosing "Video" mode in power/mode menu, and pressing UP ↑ button for 3 seconds. Hm but I don't know what USB AV out cable would work properly. Maybe the official Firefly 6s/7s cable or the official SJCAM SJ4000/5000 cable could work. I don't have a drone, nor need to use USB AV out.

    The battery pack is AHDBT 401, 1500 mAh that fits a real GoPro Hero 4. These batteries are rated up to 1650 mAh and are quite common.. Batteries rated at 1500 and 1600 mAh are widely available on many websites.

    The clear waterproof housing (case) is very similar to a GoPro Hero 3+ / GoPro Hero 4 housing, and similar to an Eken H8 (R / Pro / Plus) housing. However, the Andoer AN100 cam has two side buttons (at top/bottom). Anyway, the GoPro and Eken cases work well enough as replacements even though the buttons layout not exactly right.

    My overall opinion is that I do not recommend this camera as an action camera for your primary camra. It's price point is about $55 to $65 USD and the video quality is somewhat "fuzzy" and low, and the audio quality is sub-par plus its chirp chirp (sometimes hissing) sound in some video modes is annoying. It's okay to use this camera as a dashcam / motorcycle cam DV in 480p30fps or 720p30fps, or use this camera as a plan-B secondary action camera. But you if want a decent action cam for about the same price point, you better get a Hawkeye Firefly 7s, or Elecam Explorer Elite , or Soocoo C30 or Wimius L2 or similar "good" Novatek NT96660 / Sony IMX078 camera -- there are those and many others to choose from.

    Video / Audio metadata details, for 1080p 60fps:
    Complete name                  : FILE171227-090941F.MOV
    Format                         : MPEG-4
    Format profile                 : QuickTime
    Codec ID                       : qt   0000.02 (qt  )
    File size                      : 21.6 MiB
    Duration                       : 6 s 373 ms
    Overall bit rate               : 28.5 Mb/s
    ID                             : 1
    Format                         : AVC
    Format/Info                    : Advanced Video Codec
    Format profile                 : [email protected]
    Format settings, CABAC         : No
    Format settings, RefFrames     : 1 frame
    Format settings, GOP           : M=1, N=15
    Codec ID                       : avc1
    Codec ID/Info                  : Advanced Video Coding
    Duration                       : 6 s 373 ms
    Bit rate                       : 28.1 Mb/s
    Width                          : 1 920 pixels
    Height                         : 1 080 pixels
    Display aspect ratio           : 16:9
    Frame rate mode                : Constant
    Frame rate                     : 59.940 (60000/1001) FPS
    Color space                    : YUV
    Chroma subsampling             : 4:2:0
    Bit depth                      : 8 bits
    Scan type                      : Progressive
    Bits/(Pixel*Frame)             : 0.226
    Stream size                    : 21.4 MiB (99%)
    Language                       : English
    ID                             : 2
    Format                         : ADPCM
    Codec ID                       : 11
    Codec ID/Hint                  : Intel
    Duration                       : 6 s 356 ms
    Source duration                : 6 s 356 ms
    Bit rate mode                  : Constant
    Bit rate                       : 256 kb/s
    Nominal bit rate               : 272 kb/s
    Channel(s)                     : 2 channels
    Channel positions              : Front: L R
    Sampling rate                  : 32.0 kHz
    Stream size                    : 199 KiB (1%)
    Source stream size             : 211 KiB (1%)
    Language                       : English
    By the way, more photos are in this online album -

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    Video sample: outdoors, daylight, on a motorbike, 1080p 60fps, 30 seconds, stream video cut and audio converted using Avidemux software.

    direct link -

    Custom settings:
    Movie Quality: Super Fine
    Contrast: -10 (but some samples were 0)
    Saturation: + 30
    Sharpness: + 10
    Exposure Metering: Center Spot
    Gyro: ON ?
    ( other settings were Normal / Auto / or 0 )
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      Could you please share an outdoor sample for 2880x2160p24 video mode?
      Donate here if you want to support my efforts and this site.

      Email me if you have any offers, requests or ideas.


      • petesimon
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        okay, will do when the weather in Thailand clears again. Right now is rainy, something like this youtube video, but not that bad:

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      User Manual (guide) PDF, in English -

      Review and test footage videos:- sorry, can't find any English review videos yet.

      nutsey - here is the 2880x2160 24fps (4:3 aspect ratio) video sample that you requested.

      download -

      Settings were:
      Movie Quality: Super Fine
      MIC Sensitivity: Normal
      Exposure Metering: Center Weighted
      Contrast: - 10
      Saturation: + 10
      Sharpness: + 10
      ( other: auto/normal/default/0 )

      More photos in this album gallery ( )
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      • petesimon
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        two AHDBT-401 (Gopro 4 style) batteries, and a USB charger.

        *EDIT* these batteries are shit. One stopped working even though it appears to charge.

        * both batteries are a bit "fat" for the AN100 camera, and one battery is difficult to insert and take out ... oh well, I "got what I paid for" $10 USD.
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      • nutsey
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        I've just noticed that the camera shown in the user guide is AIT8424 chipset based PRO4:

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      Hello to everyone,
      Iam new to the Forum, just wanted to say hi and add some Information,
      Here is the Link to the Datasheet of the Chipset used, sadly the link posted in the add-link function doesnt work
      so I have to post it as Text.
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        Just a Guess,

        but due to the Datasheet of the AIT8427 they seem to use a Sharpening-Algorythm
        that is similar to the WarpSharp- Algorythm in Virtualdub,
        which could lead to the low Bitrates that You reported and in fine detailed areas to Blocking artifacts.
        Since it is the same Company it is likely that the AIT8328 uses the same or a similar Algorythm.

        In theory the Combination should be pretty powerful since the processors filling rate for jpeg is about 240mp/s
        and the IMX326 easily outperforms these Values with a readout of 6 M (3096 × 2196) output at 60 frames/s.
        Sadly there is no detailed Resolution-Table for the Video-Encoder besides the [email protected] on the Top of the Datasheet.

        Could You do Please record some Videos with Saturation and Sharpness set to "0" or something like that
        and upload the Unedited Samples to your Dropbox?
        And if you have one laying around eventually with a higher Quality (faster) SD-Card?

        If I am not mistaken then this could lead to mouch higher Bitrate.
        Although I have to admit that there is proparbly some heavy Trickery going on to get these high Framerates
        and it could be that the Stream is eventually rendered thru the RISC-Cores or MJPEG-Something that is then
        converted to H264 instead of the deticated Video-Hardware-Processing.

        Thank You Very mouch, and Thank You for Your Review!


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          JH79 hey thanks for the neato technical info.

          Could You do Please record some Videos with Saturation and Sharpness set to "0" or something like that and upload the Unedited Samples to your Dropbox? And if you have one laying around eventually with a higher Quality (faster) SD-Card?
          The best sd card I have is a 64gb Samsung EVO Plus U3, and it works at 60 Mb/s in my Eken H8 Plus, set on 4k video mode, without any problem.

          Okay, sure. I'll make some more samples when the weather looks good. Uhm, in what video modes would you like see some sample videos?

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            The Evo Plus3 should be fast enough I think,

            my main Interest is the flawed Quality in higher Framerates and the Blocking at the fine Edges in the Trees and Bushes and the Sky as you can see in this Video from a Guy called ATOMO:

            Those artifacts can also be seen in your 2880x2160 24fps Video of you Biking, around the Powerlines and the Leafs and Grass.

            Therefore I think a Video with high Contrast and color eventually with some fine Detail would show if I am right about my Thoughts regarding the Sharpening-Algorythm.

            I hope I am not asking too mouch, but...
            It would be great if You could do a Video in the following Resolutions:

            1080P/60FPS for Comparsion
            [email protected]
            [email protected]:3, 24FPS

            Thank you very mouch !!!

            By the way,

            Could you also snap some Photos on the next higher Setting near the real 6.8MP Pixel of the Sensor?
            That would be awesome!!


            • petesimon
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              Here are video samples, but not any 2.7k or 4k -

              Check above posts for 4k video file(s). I'll do some 2k / 2.7k tests and post them another day.

              and here are 1280x720, 3 MP, 5 MP, and 8 MP photo stills -

              Video settings:
              Movie Quality: Super Fine
              Gyro: OFF
              --all other settings were default/normal/auto/0

              Photo still settings:
              Image Quality: Super Fine
              --all other settings were default/normal/auto/0

              I use a 64gb Toshiba Exceria (red/white color) U3 speed sd card, and the bitrates were the same as during previous tests. In previous tests, I used various other brands / speeds / sizes of cards. You can see in above posts that the highest possible bit rate is about 30 Mbits/s.

              By the way, where can I get firmware updates for this camera (no remote version)?
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            Thank You very mouch,

            As I said, the Macroblocking in low Contrast Areas as the Sky seems mouch better without the Sharpening applied,
            but fine Detail seems to be flawed by too low Bitrates, Unfortunately I didnt find any Firmware- Updates for the Camera yet.

            Strangely the Photos look like they are a screenshot taken from a video-Stream and then scaled, as the Mosquito-Noise in the Shots look like.

            I assume the Key to better overall quality would be higher Bitrates with this Camera,
            but it seems that some Firmware-Hacking is neccesary, since this is the only Action-Camera I can find using the Chipset,
            I dont think that this would be an easy task.

            I have seen that Nutseye posted the SDK for the Chipset, but I think hacking the Firmware could be very trial and error since there
            is no Documentation on the Firmware-Structure whatsoever.

            If anyone is interested, I have a Firmware of one of the predecessors chipset the AIT8427D laying around from a Dashcam called "Prestigio 540"
            But I dont know if this would be of any help without having the actual Firmware of the Andoer AN100.
            If I remember right, then the Dumping-Procedure was with a script that was placed on the SD while booting,
            but I cant remember exactly since it was over 2 years ago that I used these Cameras.
            And after searching I dont have the Dumping-Script anymore.

            Thank you very mouch for the Videos!!!

            Edit: I took a look at the AIT8328 SDK that Nutseye posted in another Tread,He said that there was a newer Version that he could not find.
            Unfortunately I cannot find it either and the supported Sensors of the older Versions dont have Support for IMX326, only for following sony-Sensors:

            IMX322, about 2.1MP
            IMX175, about 8.08MP
            IMX214, about 13MP

            I hope there is no fakery going on, I mean if they use a AR or OV Who knows!??

            By the way, Dynamic Range of the captured JPEGs dont seem to be that shabby,
            Here a link to an 8mp Picture from this Tread slightly edited in G`Mic for Gimp:


            By the way Stranger Things is cool!
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            Thank you for the Videos,

            Unfortunately I cannot find the Dumping-Script, nor do I have the Camera that I could try something else,
            Maybe the SDK that Nutseye postet could help to get a Dump?


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              Okay. Hey, do you notice the intermittent fast-paced high pitch sound noises (but different noises) in some 720p, 2.7k and 4k videos from my samples? and notice there is minimal/less noise in 1080p60fps ?
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            I focused on the Video-Noise till now,
            but you are right, I hear the noise too, sounds like some sort of electricity-noise or something like that,
            but since it is not pulsing it should be easy to remove it in Post.

            Update: Checked Framerates for 1080P/120FPS they are real!!
            couldnt believe it but there are no doubled frames!
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              Editing Video in Powerdirector 15 for GOKART SPEEDKART CHIANGMAI 18FEB0218

              Footage was recorded on an Andoer AN100 Mstar chip Action Camera. Link in Tomtop here -

              The audio track for the gokarts is ticked OFF ☺ in the first clip, but I ticked it ON later after this making this clip.

              Added some silly funny PPAP remix music by Muffin and voice sound effects by Lil Jon "YEAAYAA!"

              Used the screen recorder built-in to Windows 10 (release 1709). Press "Windows logo key" + G to open a game capture bar.


              * Note that I sold this camera for cash yesterday to a local person.


              • petesimon
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                I have already sold the camera due to poor anti-shake / gyro feature and due to "clicking" sounds in audio in 720p and 2k modes (as noted above).