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Thieye 5 Edge bricked while firmware upgrade

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  • Thieye 5 Edge bricked while firmware upgrade

    I wanted to update firmware on my camera and choose to do sdcard update. It failed miserably. Is there any way I can flash firmware to the camera to make it work again? Standard way via usb cable and holding power and shutter button does not work. Any suggestions?

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    Get the right firmware file for your camera from the Thieye support page -
    Extract the zip or rar file and read ALL txt text files and pdf documents before continuing.
    Use the files in the "Upgrade on desktop computer" folder.

    Recovery mode is possible by doing these steps on the camera, in the same order as you see here:
    * First disconnect any usb cable from the camera, and power OFF the camera
    1. install " icatch_v2000.exe " drivers file to your computer. download it here -
    2. REMOVE BATTERY from camera. very important!
    3. be sure that a USB cable is not connected first, and press and HOLD OK (shutter) button
    4. connect usb cable to camera and computer, while still holding OK (shutter) button
    5. continue to hold OK (shutter) button, and press the power (mode) button one time.
    6. you should see two new sunplus icatch usb devices in Device Manager (now release all buttons)
    7. See this PDF file -
    8. continue as per the instructions in the Thieye firmware zip or rar file.


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      nutsey yeah was news to me? Someone was in contact and apparently ThiEYE mentioned it. I'd like to see it officially though. Also d/l the f/w and it has 2 versions of the BRN files (Folders: Scenerio 1 and Scenerio 2)???

    • nutsey
      nutsey commented
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      According to the "" HTML code:

      				   window.location.href="download/T5 Edge -";
      			   }else if(year=18 && month<=07){
      				   window.location.href="download/T5 Edge -";
      			   }else if(year=18 && month>07){
      				   window.location.href="download/T5 Edge - TI_UN9-181010-V5.0.rar";
      				   window.location.href="download/T5 Edge - TI_UN9-181010-V5.0.rar";
      There are 3 HW versions by production dates: 2017, 01-2018 - 07-2018 and 07-2018+

    • AussieKev
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      I think f/w releases 180402 (2 versions and were taken off thhe d/l)), leaving 180720 and 181010
      HTML only shows [<= 07] and [>07] as being different. The [<18] for 2017 etc is just for programming syntax Basically everything before July 2018 as the zip files are the same and after?
      The production runs may well combine old and new stock in one run like that ElE Explorer Elite LCD Display fiasco using old and new SJ9000 parts.
      Noticed already on sites some bricked cams are appearing.

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    I too have the same cam, wish to do a stock firmware backup before updating to latest firmware . How do it ?
    thanks in advance .