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iCatch V39 chipset -- used in HDKing and other makers of "real 4k" action cameras

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  • iCatch V39 chipset -- used in HDKing and other makers of "real 4k" action cameras

    I Googled but couldn't find any useful info about this iCatch V39 chipset. Shenzhen HDKing - and - is promoting a few of their cams that use the iCatch V39. Heh. I can see that HDKing wants compete with the DJI Osmo Action. Akaso plans to release this as their Brave 7 model (link here). What are the capabilities and features of this chipset?

    click for a larger image
    - click the twitter link and click on this small picture -

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    Click image for larger version

Name:	VanTop-Moment-5C-Design.jpg
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    Vantop Moment 5C
    - IMX078 + iCatch V39
    - Max 4K60
    Link Here

    I received today the Vantop Moment 5C camera to review which is based on iCatch V39. On the surface it looks pretty similar to Akaso V50x and Campark V30 (body and UI) however the internals are different and the iCatch V39 shows its own strengths and weaknesses. Initial tests and thoughts:

    - Audio sounds great so far
    - UI is fluid with good touch performance
    - Vantop includes a ton of accessories

    - Noted a pretty significant amount of compression / noise artifacts around detailed objects
    - EIS is less powerful compared to Akaso V50X / Campark V30
    - 4K 60 EIS off looks closer to what 1080p60 should look like

    - 4K 60 for some reason lets you turn on EIS but then looks like garbage
    - 1080p 60 EIS also looks like garbage. Can't believe iCatch hasn't fixed 60FPS modes yet

    Some stills to show initial resolution comparison:

    Anything specific you would like to know about this camera?
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    Originally posted by DrekiTech View Post
    Anything specific you would like to know about this camera?
    Could you please share a 4k60 video sample?
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      Here is a wetransfer of 4K60 EIS on and EIS off

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      Thank you! Looks like you are quite good at frisby stuff.

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      I'm getting better at disc golf for sure! 4 weeks of stay at home orders have definitely helped

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    iCatch V37M/iCatch V39M
    The iCatch V37 is available in four package sizes: V37A, V37M, V39A and V39M to meet the needs of a wide range of product specifications that cannot be used in the application. The V37A and V39A are Pin to Pin, and the V37M and V39M are Pin to Pin. The iCatch V37M has a built-in 2GB DDR and a 0.3T computing capacity for nPU neural network computing units. The V39M built-in 2GB DDR does not contain NPU. The V37A requires an external DDR and has a built-in NPU with 0.3T computing power. The V39A requires an external DDR and does not contain a built-in NPU neural network operating unit. The following is an introduction to the iCatch V37A class.
    the iCatch V37A is a highly integrated video camera SOC that can be used in a variety of high-end 4K imaging applications and edge computing capabilities. The V37A captures stunning 4K 30P video with the iCatch's seven-generation ISP processing engine. Signal processor (ISP) and H.264 high-performance encoders are used. The V37A has been combined with a state-of-the-art nerve processing unit (NPU) to enhance edge computing on cameras. With embedded NPU, V37A can not only record high-quality video, but also perform advanced image analysis to make the camera device more intelligent. The V37A supports a variety of sensor interfaces that can connect up to two sensors simultaneously, with a maximum raw image data rate of 960M pixels per second. It supports the safe application of RGB-IR sensors. Embedded NPUS can support many different applications, such as faces, pedestrians, vehicles, etc. Its H.264 video encoder can generate multiple video streams simultaneously for storage and transmission on devices. The V37A is also embedded in multiple interfaces, supporting digital microphone input, MIPI, DSI output, HDMI output, minimizing system BOM costs and maximizing design space savings. The V37A is equipped with GMAC and RGMII Ethernet, usb HOST interface for 4G/LTE modems and separate SDIO interfaces for WiFi use.

    try this link:

    It looks like this camera has almost same hardware like the one I have posted about - TOYAWORD with V37 chipset .


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      I wonder what features and what video quality this "LeadEdge V39" camera actually offers. 🤔. Please note... I will not buy this camera.
      @ Aliexpress

      Click image for larger version  Name:	c4e1e809d58d9ee2d2a54f054afd11c2.png Views:	0 Size:	64.0 KB ID:	18224
      click on the small picture above or click this link


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      V50 according to the AliExpress link


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      I got my Keelead V39 in the mail (post) from Aliexpress today during the evening.

      Click image for larger version  Name:	td-rxjztTVpTgckoIJgq0-TUZ82vmU55zsycIHyLb5905A2ZyFUMOoh_413Ohmb--okbKR_NNZD4RuiRy8vFmiwdx3vf9Kg2FajMeuyRKisMmCLkWW2xBFGfCuyMeBs3eJgizswkEizeWHwDavl5i52jRTrpWexb_WwXAyioelByuxFIaZYTHPcRuguRp7muoBGS067IRmbd0sph4wHNFuQUDH9KczGgKCRgYnzBNzJvQ5dbwhCCcBCUymgsGJ7 Views:	0 Size:	106.3 KB ID:	18775
      - click on small photos -

      A quick indoor video test reveals this information:
      • has the feel and style of a very cheap Akaso V50 camera ( link here ) or DBPOWER camera ( link here )
      • included remote controller does not work for other cameras that i know of ...
      • 64GB and bigger SD cards are formatted as exFAT, not FAT32
      • all video is h264. there is no h265 HEVC option
      • file names are Quicktime YYYYMMDD_(TIME).MOV in which (TIME) is in 24 hour format
      • EIS is decent and is available in 1080/30, 1080/60, 4k/30 and 4k/60 modes
      • EIS may effect frame-rate especially in 60fps modes, hmm not sure yet. (needs more testing)
      • not sure yet if 60 fps modes are real 60 fps, but could be unique 40 fps or 50 fps. (needs more testing)
      • bit-rate for 4k/60 is 120 Mbps -- need a good fast SD card
      • could guess that the sensor is a kind of Sony IMX because the 60 fps modes look okay
      • color temperature is too often yellow/brown overall
      • all AWB (white balance) settings are too yellow/brown for indoors
      • 120fps and 240fps modes are a bit dark
      • 720p/240fps mode sometimes causes odd flickering
      • there are no 720p/30 or 720p/60 or 2k or 2.5k
      • iSmartDV app can be used for wifi control
      • all audio is compressed AAC, 128k bit-rate, 48 Khz, stereo and quality sounds alright
      • audio volume for the internal mic is decent, a little low, and can not be adjusted
      • at the beginning of most (or maybe all) videos, there is a audible 'pop' sound. eh annoying.
      • input jack for the external mic is 2.5mm, not 3.5mm
      • included external mic is not working. there is not setting in the menu. hmm gotta troubleshoot that ...
      More testing, samples and info ensue ...
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      Originally posted by petesimon View Post
      I got my Keelead V39 in the mail (post) from Aliexpress today during the evening.
      More testing, samples and info ensure
      what cams would you compare it to ??

      (Ps. Second pic doesn't open larger pic)


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      Hello. Wondering if it is possible to flash firmware from Akaso Brave 7 LE to a
      Keelead K80

      They are totally identical (FS01A-2) according to spec.
      Chipset:Icatch V39 + Sensor:IMX078

      Thank you.
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        Some components like displays or RAM chips can be different for different batches.