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    Hello .. I'm new member of this forum .. and I also new about this action camera things ..

    I have x-pro 6s action cam .. and I want to use it as a webcam .. but i found some errors on it ..

    1. when i plug the usb cable, it just shows "connecting" .. not "ready" or "connected" message .. but when I check on my laptop, the device is detected as USB General Device, and when I open it using camera apps from laptop .. its appear and work .. 720p and 1200p .. but when I use some streaming software like OBS .. it's only can view at 640x480 .. when I try to set it at 720p .. the camera hang .. and show some glitch ...

    2. when I plug the usb cable and set it as MSDC .. it is same, just show the "connecting" message .. but when I check on my laptop .. it's shows the camera memory card and I can browse memory card from laptop

    3. when i plug the hdmi cable .. and connect it to my TV .. it shows nothing .. no signal .. can't see live camera stream .. can't use it as a playback

    4. i try to search the driver for this camera and i can't find any ..

    5. is it errors from driver? or need to update the firmware?

    6. i dont know how to update the firmware because i dont know what chip this camera use .. and when i try to use adb .. it shows no device .. maybe because it is "connecting" not "connected" ?

    I'm sorry if i post on wrong section on this forum ... and thank you for your help ...


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    nutsey ... nice to meet you .. and thanks for ur reply ...