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Rollei Actioncam 530 bricked...

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  • Rollei Actioncam 530 bricked...

    Hello and good afternoon,

    I just bought a used Rollei Actioncam 530 (looks very similar to a AKASO V50). A bad idea was to update the firmware with the files from the official Rollei Webpage. The update finished, but then the cam blinks shortly blue and then stays solid blue. No screen, no reaction on buttons. Only removing the battery switches it off.

    Fortuntately, the cam is recognized by windows (with drivers from icatch_v2000.exe) when started with shutter pressed. FRM.exe sees the cam, but I don't know how to get a .BRN file into the cam using FRM. I've used the FRM.exe from Vikcam V50-20180426, but I don't know how to flash different firmwares I have as .BRN files for a test. The included Vikcam firmware flashes without error, but the cam go solid blue as before. SD card updates don't start.

    Can you help me please?



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    I found out that with FRM.exe out of T5 Edge - TI_UN8-180402-V5.0, the device is flashed and starting up again with sound! But only with a white LCD...

    Then I successfully flashed the AC530 firmware with a SD-Card. But this ends in the same blue solid LED.

    Can I get somewhere the older Rollei 530 firmware from 2017? I guess, this one was on the device before and it worked...


    • nutsey
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      I can share AC530-20180329-V1.1 fw if it can be helpful to you.

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    and I have the same problem. After the update, everything freezes. I can't connect the camera to the computer. I installed icatch_v2000.exe, but it didn't help. Can you help me? Thanks!