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Campark v40 Action Camera

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  • Campark v40 Action Camera

    Hi guys, just started posting on the forum. I recently just posted my video review on the Campark x40 so I figured that I would post my video review of the Campark v40 as well. This camera uses Icatch DV android app so I believe that this camera has an icatch chipset.

    unboxing, review, and sample footage -

    additional footage -

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    which do you think is best ? both seem to be same price

    my understanding is the x40 is not water proof unless it is in the case while the v40 is water proof without the case ?

    I have a x30 that I hate because I use underwater for monitoring fish in the ponds and it keeps wanting the screen to be swiped to do anything .. impossible while in the case ...

    I also have very laggy video


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      Originally posted by jonelite37 View Post
      thank you for your reviews and info. but please 🙏🏼 check your youtube links. there are "t=###s" text in the link so the video time-index jumps to 11 minutes and 5 minutes respectively, instead of starting from time-index 0:00