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Dual Lens Panoramic 360 VR Action Camera, ( most have SPC6350 / OV4689 )

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  • Dual Lens Panoramic 360 VR Action Camera, ( most have SPC6350 / OV4689 )

    I'm looking for a budget but not bad 360 camera that has TWO lenses (and two sensors would be good also). I know that a Samsung Gear would the best quality camera but the price is way too high. So, I've found only the same budget camera with iCatch Sunplus 6350 chip and OV4689 4mp sensor inside, or at least very similar hardware specs, but they have different brand-names, and there is NO gyro EIS. The biggest let down that I notice is the video quality is not so good 1080p from two sources of poor 720p from an Eken H9 kind of camera. Hm, I don't think I want to pay out $100 + for two something that is like two "Eken H9" cameras inside one box. So I wish there would be a Novatek NTK96xxx or Ambarella A12 solution to this kind of camera.

    Andoer - link
    Elecam - link
    Amkov 360S - link
    Amkov 200S - link

    What other nice 360 Dual Lens cameras are available?

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    This is not really an answer to your question but I have some experience with a Ricoh Theta S.
    It is a great camera but even for that price the photo and video quality it is not really satisfying when you watch the rectilinear projection of photo or videos (the equirectangular version is always great instead).
    Xiaomi has just launched a 360 camera ( but event in that case I think that the rectilinear projection will be not satisfying.
    Always remember that in a projection you will see just a little bit more than a third of the equirectangular photo.
    My conclusion to increase quality is to build a rig (actually a 6 Git2P rig).