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HELP! Furibee H9R will not turn on

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  • HELP! Furibee H9R will not turn on

    Hello my friends, I bought a Furibee H9R camera in the gearbest, after using it the first time, the battery has run out, I put it to charge, the battery indicator light came on, but when I tried to turn the camera on, it does not work, it does not show image or sound. Is there any procedure I can do? I have the following information: Chipset: Sunplus 6350 Chipset Name: Sunplus I have no knowledge about these cameras. Can anybody help me?? Follow the camera link: Thank you for your attention.

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    howdy bruninzin . I don't have an Eken H9 or any (near) clone of it. I just have an Amkov AMK7000s that has inside a SPCA 6350 chip. We can use the "FRM" program and a 100% compatible firmware, SPCA drivers and a Windows PC. I suppose you will need an official firmware file from Furibee that is something like SPHOST.BRN or IDV4.BRN or WDV4K.BIN or another like that. Of course first install SPCA drivers (and you may need to "disable driver signature enforcement" in Windows).

    get FRM program and SPCA drivers here -

    or try this file -

    * but I do not recommend to use firmware that is designed other for brands or cams. * Be careful about this.

    Have a look at these sites:

    and watch some 'how to' videos:

    Also post your issue in the is FB group
    and talk to Ron Shaw there. He's the expert
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      Hello friend petesimon , thank you very much for your response, I will try to perform the procedures, already reproduced in the view on your YouTube, congratulations!
      Send the invitation to the Facebook Group.
      I'll keep you posted!
      thank you again