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  • Goxtreme Pioneer record time

    Hi everyone, I am new to the forum and action cameras.

    I have a Goxtreme Pioneer, ( ) a lovely little inexpensive camera, the only issue I have is that the record time is only 29 mins, I have
    contacted the manufacturer who have said that the file size is restricted by import rules to the uk.

    There must be a way of increasing the record time, any ideas?

    Anyone know how to get beyond the standard settings?

    Thanking you in advance for your help.

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    29 minutes record time for just one video file? or 29 minutes total overall for the whole camera?

    notice that 29 minutes for just one file is very good. many action cameras limit the time 5 or 10 or 15 minutes (depending on brand and model) for each file.


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      Hi, thanks for the response

      It just one file, .MOV, 2,5gb, the manufacturer said the record length is due to import rules from the EU to the UK (they will not help me to change the settings), i'm betting there is a way to tell it to record for longer, I just need to know how to get into the XML file or whatever it is that tells it to stop at 29 mins.

      I have a friend that has a go pro, his records until it is told to stop, but it splits into multiple small files.

      Action cameras are new to me, so big learning curve


      • petesimon
        petesimon commented
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        look for a "looping" or "car mode" option in your camera which would enable continuous recording until you push a button to stop recording, and recording may be segmented into chunks of 5 or 10 minutes each. this is a very common behavior, and thus considered normal behavior of most action cameras.

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      I don't have continuous or cyclic record, the only setting I have for video is resolution, I can set it to 720p from 1080p, but it still only records for 29 minutes.

      There must be something in the firmware that tells it to stop at 29 minutes?


      • nutsey
        nutsey commented
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        "There must be something in the firmware that tells it to stop at 29 minutes?"
        Yes. But as far as I know nobody has managed to hack any modern (6330+) iCatch/Sunplus firmwares yet...

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      That surprises me, all you clever coders out the

      Ok, so, all these cameras look pretty similar, is it possible to flash it with a different firmware?